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About Us

My name is Olga,

and I’m a fashion designer who studied in Paris. My entire ethos is based on quality. I hope you’ll notice and adore the hard work and dedication that has
gone into all of our products, just as much as we do.

Seeing as we want to fulfill all the wants and wishes of our customers, we know we can’t sacrifice quality to cut costs. Being a designer myself, I know just how important quality is.


As a designer and the owner of AUMI 4,
I’d rather be honest about the price than make excuses for the quality.


As you get to know me — Olga —and AUMI 4 better, you will see that my mission is to balance craft, originality, fashion-forwardness, and affordability. The way I see it is that a Beetle Bag is the perfect way to reward yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Let’s say that you finally got promoted to that important role at work, or your cousin graduated from college: a Beetle Bag is the best way to say well done.  

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