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"Tea of the Month" Subscription

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You either fully satisfied with your new Bag. Or, you can just return the bag within 60 days for a full refund.

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"Tea of the Month" Subscription

GET TO KNOW THE "Tea of the Month" Subscription

Hi.  Olga here.

Would you like to join me on my new adventure? 
I discovered something really special a few months ago, when one of ours designers from China, Wendy, sent me tea as a present. 
Yes, tea! 
Everybody knows China is famous for their Tea.
But it was not at all what I expected. 
It was incredible. Best tea I've had in my life.

And so I became curious. 
It was a serious "aha" moment! 
When I started looking online, I realized …
There are mountains of different teas available. 
For every taste imaginable. 
Black tea, green tea (the obvious ones) 
Also white tea, red tea and others I never heard of before.

But wow. The prices put me in a state of shock. 
$1,000 for 100gr of TEA? 
Yes, it's true. 
But there are also some for just pennies.

So I decided to try some of them. 
I found a sweet spot, price-wise. 
Where the quality exceeds every tea you've tried in our part of the world. 
But doesn't cost as much as your monthly rent.

I would like for you to discover this new world with me. So I created 
This monthly subscription, where we ship you a new tea every month. 
So you can discover an absolutely new world of taste. 
But don't think of it as only for you. 
You'll love sharing this experience with your family and friends.
And, you can even monthly “Tea of the Month" Parties.
And it can be such a great gift for your loved ones, neighbors or unexpected guests.

You know me. My policy is: you're happy or your money back, no questions asked. 
So you can obviously cancel anytime.
You'll have an online account, and it only takes one click.

And if you're interested, I can also add you to our secret Facebook group where we can share our experiences and decide which one is the winner.

If you’d like to share my experience, it would make me very happy. 

Just order today! 

  • New tea every month 
  • Cancel Anytime with one click 
  • Facebook group to discuss the winner 
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