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Celadon Children Gift Cup
Celadon Children Gift Cup
Celadon Children Gift Cup
Celadon Children Gift Cup


Celadon Children Gift Cup



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Celadon Children Gift Cup

GET TO KNOW THE Celadon Children Gift Cup

You may have come across the term celadon in your ceramics reading or during visits to history or art museums. It was a method that not only dominated the early ceramics scene, but became a benchmark of influence for potters across the globe. Today some celadon pieces are so revered that they can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction. The term celadon really has two different examples, firstly and possibly most commonly, it’s known as the beautiful and iconic jade green (or pale green/blue) coloured glaze, however, it can also be known as being greenware with a  transparent glaze. The glazes are notable for often having a slight crackle in them and are used on stoneware and porcelain pottery bodies. 


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