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"Celadon Box" Subscription

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"Celadon Box" Subscription

GET TO KNOW THE "Celadon Box" Subscription

Oh, and I almost forgot about "Celadon!"
So, of course, after I discovered the Japanese styles,
I couldn’t ignore the beautiful Chinese tea ceramics.

What amazes me the most is how they mix modern design with tradition.
The result is so unique.
And since you're one of my customers, I know you appreciate such exceptional things.

So I added one more subscription to complete your tea ceremony discovery: Celadon.

We'll choose a truly special piece for you every month.
More than just a "purchase," it will feel like you're getting
A surprise gift from us every month.

And don’t forget about the private Facebook group.

Just imagine...
… Beautiful ceramic teapots, cups and other accessories …
Together with your favorite teas, it's the perfect match.
(And as soon as we get permission to begin shipping teas too,
You will be the first to know.)

If you're ready to join me on my adventure, subscribe today.

  • Cancel anytime with one click 
  • The new piece will arrive every month
  • Facebook group to discuss and pick a winner
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