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Half a Flower by Mozaiku
Half a Flower by Mozaiku
Half a Flower by Mozaiku
Half a Flower by Mozaiku
Half a Flower by Mozaiku
Half a Flower by Mozaiku
Half a Flower by Mozaiku

    Half a Flower by Mozaiku

    14K Plated Gold Or 925 Silver Daimond Shaped Zircon

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    Half a Flower by Mozaiku

    GET TO KNOW THE Half a Flower by Mozaiku

    Mozaiku's Half a Flower Ring features 5 eye-shaped cut diamonds, which can be worn as a stand-alone piece or used to highlight a second band with one single stone. If you wear 2 of them left and right you can have a full flower.
    This one is available in 14k plated yellow gold or S925 sterling silver with diamond-cut Zircon stones


    • Material - 925 silver
    • Plating -14 k gold
    • Stones - Zircon diamonds
    • Colour - Gold, silver
    • Made by mozaiku

    About Mozaiku:

    Mozaiku is our newest Silver Jewelry collection designed to celebrate the Modern Woman. The Modern Woman. She’s amazingly beautiful and strong… Soft, heartwarming, reflecting feminine grace... ... at the same time, inspiring confidence in others with her fierceness. She knows what she wants and she is ready to do what it takes to get it. At Aumi4, we want to celebrate her. And that’s why we have an amazing collection of Silver Jewelry with elegant timeless designs she can wear for almost any occasion.