Leather Bag Crossbody

by Olga Vasilevsky on March 17, 2021

Two Most Wanted Bags Trends in 2021



You should have a small crossbody bag in 2021. 

The medium and small size bags with crossbody strap or chain is a must have this summer.

We dedicated a full collection to most wanted bags this year.

It Called Numeri 

I will recommend you to take a look at Cinque bags. The bag is a pure trend with every detail meticulously chosen to create the most wanted IT bag. No flashy Details. All simplicity. Only the iconic form and quality hardware. 

On the other hand our Dieci bag is Showy ;)

Lizard pattern with original shape drawn from saddle messenger bag   finished with especially designed and developed unique closure in shape of a historic circular fan.





If you want to follow the trend to the point you need to take a look at a chain messenger wallet we named a Tre Bag. It is a wallet with 12 Credit card Slots and one zipped pocket. But we made it look like a small  evening clutch on the crossbody chain.


The second trend for this year is underarm Bag 

Long forgotten and came back. 

The most exquisite shape of the bags there is. 

The way it is designed to be not huge and not too small at the same time makes this bag especially elegant.

We have 5 underarm bags in our Numeri Collection.

The Deici Slim is a version of the  crossbody bag I just described above. But in the exquisite shape for one shoulder bag.

The Uno Bag, our Best selling Underarm bag, is created in 3 versions. Uno bag 2 inside compartment bag. Uno Volume - a slightly larger inside capacity with only one compartment. And Uno Square the one with a larger square shape.

The Uno Bag is minimalistic. Solid color, exclusive shape, deep color. 

Plus our Numeri collection has two Croco Pattern bags. The Bags are modern take on the Croco bags classics. 

The Sei is a box bag with 2 compartments and one zip pocket. With an un adjustable and removable strap.

The structured shape with enlarged croco pattern finished with a custom designed buckle in gold.


The Sette bag is embossed Croco leather crossbody bag  with a gold chain and removable strap. 

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