Leather Backpack

by Olga Vasilevsky on March 17, 2021

It’s hard to imagine, but as recently as the late 1960s there were no such things as backpacks. Hikers and climbers had day packs, but the backpack as we know it wasn’t born until 1967, when the Seattle-based JanSport wised up and created a version for students and their heavyweight textbooks. The trend would later migrate east, in the 1980s, when L.L. Bean introduced its book packs–even reinforcing the straps with extra stitching to allow for the slung-over-one-shoulder trend that would continue well into the 1990s and aughts.


And no one would have thought to Imagine such a futuristic shape as the Signature Beetle Backpack to be designed back than. 

But now we have this stunning creation of futuristic shape that is so unusual everyone notices it.

You can love or hate this leather  backpack. But If you area fan you will probably buy more than one as many of our loyal customers do. 

 Fortunately they come in two sizes Small and Large and definitely you can have both of them. 

The small backpack can be worn  two ways by simple strap adjustment  and become a crossbody bag instead of a backpack. 

 We have seven colors for you to choose from and we will custom made the backpack to order the one you desire. We can even make two color combinations and customize your bag even more.

Since every bag is made to order and unique.

 One of our customers gave us this great review :

 I saw this backpack and was enamored with the style. I love unusual items and especially purses. I started really watching for a sale as I not only wanted the large backpack but also a lage round bag. I got both when there was a sale and got them. I was so excited that they were handmade per order as well so was willing to wait. I have been using 

Read more about review stating Unbelievable Craftsmanship - A True Attention Getter

the backpack for travel and get shipped 20+ times when I travel. Even airport security has asked about where I got the bag and I give them the website everything. I love the look and know that I have a great piece of art aka cool backpack! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this backpack. And my husband wants to get the crossbody now which is unusual because he is not into these types of bags at all. Thank you for a great product!

 And another one said:

 Beautifully handcrafted one of a kind piece of art! Couldn't be happier! 

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