Collection: Comme des Garcons

Comme des Garçons – A Symphony of Unconventionality

Enter the realm of Comme des Garçons, where fashion transcends the normative boundaries of expression. Aumi 4’s exclusive selection embodies the radical spirit and avant-garde craftsmanship that has become synonymous with this iconic label. Bestow upon your wardrobe the essence of Japanese design prowess, infused with a rebellious edge that Comme des Garçons champions.

Our collection highlights signature styles from Rei Kawakubo's fashion house. It's where the Play heart logo tees meet the intricate deconstruction of the mainline. From structured blazers that defy silhouette expectations to graphic shirts that communicate boldness, each piece is a best-seller that speaks to the confident and style-conscious individual.

Adorn yourself with the art of the high-fashion paradox; choose Comme des Garçons for a statement that is both minimalist and complex. This is a brand for those who wear their identity boldly, embracing a fashion-forward aesthetic that is always one step ahead of the curve.

Immerse in a collection that celebrates diversity in design, where each piece is a revered staple in the fashion industry. Discover the transformative power of a Comme des Garçons garment. From the stitch work of their iconic tailored jackets to the boundary-pushing designs of their footwear, each item is a masterpiece awaiting your personal touch.

Aumi 4 invites you to redefine the essence of style with Comme des Garçons. Experience the intersection of art and apparel where each purchase is not just a transaction but an entry into a world of exquisite anomaly. Elevate your fashion narrative with Comme des Garçons today.