Holiday Season

by Olga Vasilevsky on October 11, 2018

Your gift will not be secretly returned or exchanged !


We're all afraid of buying the wrong gifts.
Maybe last year you made everybody happy…
But that only increases the pressure this year!

What if you could find a gift that nobody EVER returns?

Well, let us introduce you to Beetle Bags…

For the last 4 years, our Beetle Bags have NEVER been returned or exchanged when they were purchased as holiday gifts.

So if you hate to see your loved ones faking their excitement...
And you don’t want to be stuck with the nasty feeling they'll try replace your gift with something else…

Then you need to consider one of these much-sought-after bags.

Our bags are so unusual, your loved one will be TRULY surprised and impressed. Because most likely, they never saw anything like this before. (Just like YOU, right now, have never imagined a bag like this before.)

In a word … Beetle Bags are extraordinary.
They're chic. They're original. They're conversation-starters.
They're so eye-catching that even total strangers can't help complimenting them.

See for yourself:


This bag literally got me in the Chicago Tribune fashion section.

Xenia R

"Your bag looks like a piece of art."


They is bag number FIVE!!

I just love these bags. I'm leaving this review after just having ordered bag number SIX!!

It's all right though, I'm looking at two more.

Get ready for '18 holiday season

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But here at Aumi4, we don't stop at just Beetle Bags…

This year, we're introducing 2 new collections that were just released:
“Saigon Lovers “ and “Office Secret”
They're perfect for you or a loved one – especially with holiday parties coming up.

We call them the 21st century bags. They're just such a contemporary mix.
These new unseen shapes and colors have a note of classic, executed with the most contemporary technology.
They're fresh and modern, yet inspired by tradition.
Just one of these bags will refresh your entire look.


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And here's the best part …
We're offering a limited-time price cut for the holidays.
For 3 whole months, we're discounting our entire “Box" Collection by 50%.
This deep discount doesn't go away until after the holidays are over!

The Box Collection

The Box Collection is a modern take on a classic design that everyone already loves.
We created these bags with modern finishes and twists that make them both classic and contemporary.


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On a budget? No problem.
Follow this link to shop all bags under $200:

About the Aumi 4

As you get to know AUMI 4 better, you will see that my mission is to balance craft, originality, fashion-forwardness, and affordability. The way I see it is that a Our Bag is the perfect way to reward yourself, a friend, or a family member.

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