Beetle Bags

by Olga Vasilevsky on March 21, 2021


This bag isn’t for everyone...

They’ll double take the next time you walk  by... 

They’ll assume you’re famous...

And they’ll know you’re different…

 If you’re ready for that attention read on…


People will assume you’re famous.

No matter how crowded the city streets…

You’ll always stand out.

This bag isn’t for everyone...

It’s for someone who wants the spotlight

The red carpet…

And wants their everyday life feel like a runway .



Does Your Bag Get Compliments Every Day?

The shape of a Beetle Bag is so unusual, everyone notices.



After Wearing The Beetle Bag She Was Featured In The Chicago Tribune Fashion Section


Christine C

Best money I've ever spent on myself

I am not a purse girl. I'm not a "gotta have the new iconic thing" girl. I'm a girl who likes unique statement pieces that speak to who I am and damn if I wasn't obsessed with this since day 1.

I bit the bullet aimed for my wallet and waited my 30 days, hoping upon hope to not be disappointed by another online purchase. I wasn't. Oh how I wasn't.

The quality is absolutely on point. I take this bag everywhere and it holds up.... Work? Check. Airport? Check. Music Festival? Check. Traveling abroad? Check.

The closure mechanism actually makes me feel really secure about no one getting into it without me noticing. This bag has given me an actual, palpable, QOL improvement now that going through any kind of security check is a breeze because of how wide it opens.

I get stopped CONSTANTLY for compliments on this - from the young to old, men, women, and all different styles - it stands on its own and spans them all.

This bag alone got me in the fashion section of the Chicago Tribune. I was dressed way way down that day but the photographer couldn't NOT get the bag I don't blame him. (Last photo in set - http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/style/ct-riot-fest-fashion-2018-20180914-photogallery.html)


“Your bag looks like a piece of art."

These are the types of comments you will get.



  We strongly believe at Aumi4 that there are enough ways in the modern world for anybody to have something unique and original that fits their personality.


Individuality is the root of everything we make and do – and it's kind of awesome.

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