Bag trends 2022

Bag trends 2022

Stop Trying to Decide, You Need Each One of These 6 Fashionable Handbags You're Going to Want This Year. Along with heeled shoes and party dress, the sleek handbag has been one of the more neglected pieces in our closets this past year. You’ve probably opted to carry your most practical bag when you’ve actually needed one.But that’s all changing now. Read More>> With confinements starting to loosen, the return of sleeky bags is probably in our near future. Luckily for us, there are a handful of styles among 2022 handbag trends that will keep us going throughout the season,...
by Olga Vasilevsky on September 10, 2021
Beetle Bags

Beetle Bags

A BAG THAT REFUSES TO FIT IN, JUST LIKE YOU. This bag isn’t for everyone... They’ll double take the next time you walk  by...  They’ll assume you’re famous... And they’ll know you’re different…  If you’re ready for that attention read on…   People will assume you’re famous. No matter how crowded the city streets… You’ll always stand out. This bag isn’t for everyone... It’s for someone who wants the spotlight The red carpet… And wants their everyday life feel like a runway .     Does Your Bag Get Compliments Every Day? The shape of a Beetle Bag is so...
by Olga Vasilevsky on March 21, 2021
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